Félicitations à notre enseignant de prothèse dentaire, Jimmy Darmon, distingué par World ORT

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Awards for ORT network’s best teachers

A geography teacher in Israel, a maths teacher in South Africa and a dental prosthetics teacher in France are among this year’s winners of World ORT’s Beatrice Wand Polak Award.

Together with five other educators, from Latin America to the Former Soviet Union, they have received cash prizes after distinguishing themselves in the eyes of their peers for their skill, vision and dedication.

World ORT Chief Program Officer Vladimir Dribinskiy congratulated this year’s winners who, he said, were upholding the ORT ethos as described 70 years ago by Aaron Singalowski a”h, the organisation’s then Director General.

“He identified the justification for ORT schools as their high technical and pedagogic level and their living spirit of Jewish culture. That was in 1947. The Beatrice Wand Polak Award, in identifying and rewarding exemplary educators in our network, shows that what was true then is just as true today – and will continue to be so.”


Jimmy Darmon, a dental prosthetics teacher at ORT Daniel Mayer in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris, is renowned for the resources he has created, from richly illustrated booklets to online tutorials, which have proved particularly helpful for students who found themselves overwhelmed by the wordy content of traditional teaching methods.

Jimmy Darmon, left, in his dental prosthetics class at ORT Daniel Mayer, near Paris.

And he has embraced educational technology – from projecting his techniques on a large screen for the class to copy and so learn-by-doing to digitising administrative documents and

trailblazing the use of communication technology in organising a teachers’ conference.

“Jimmy has an innovative approach to teaching,” said Anne Morgensztern, Deputy Educational Director at ORT Montreuil. “With his willingness to sacrifice his time and share his knowledge and his love for new technology, he pursues one goal – to lead all his students to success.”

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