« ORT – An Organization That Empowers »

Article rédigé en anglais par Edith Lynn Beer pour le Bronx Times à l’occasion des 130 ans de l’ORT.

On November 19th, 2009 ORT, the largest Jewish education and training non-governmental organization in the world open to people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds, had an inspiring and sentimental reception at the United Nations building to celebrate 130 brave years.

Brave, because ORT functioned in the infamous Warsaw Ghetto, in detention camps, and recently in Iran until it was kicked out.

It would take a book to say all that ORT has accomplished and is doing. Briefly, ORT provides its students, numbering 250,000 a year world wide, with skills and knowledge which enables them to become contributing members of society. 80% of their students go on to be college graduates. […] Lire la suite.

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